• Teal Blue Chinese Dragon

    Dragon with a fierce face wrapped around a disc watching his sphere

  • King Toad ---- Blue and Red Dominican amber

    This King Toad seems to come alive as you look at it - don't poke it!

  • Three happy Chinese carps

    Light green honey Dominican amber

  • Hermit Crab --- Green Dominican Amber

    One of the most curious crustaceans, artfully sculptured

  • Large Duck ---- Green, blue and honey colored Dominican amber

    Natural multicolored amber specimen

  • Watership Down - Hares in green amber

    Mother and baby hare, playful and exquisite.

  • Pair of Lucky Carps

    Two lovely transparent carps, wrapped around each other playfully

  • Eternal Frog

    A transparent, greenish specimen, delicately carved into life-like perfection

  • Happy Toad -- Multicolored Dominican Amber

    A colorful and translucent toad, resting on a leaf

  • Blue Duck -- Dominican Blue Amber

    A fantastic Blue Amber duck with a strong color, cleaning its feather

  • Rose Frog

    An interesting Multicolor Amber frog resting on rose leafs next to a rose pedal

  • Fat Toad

    A transparent happy toad, life-sized and poised to leap

  • Happy Duck

    A content and happy female Mandarin Duck, nuzzling into its feather

  • Sitting Frog

    A lovely transparent frog resting on a leaf floating in a pond

  • Love Frog

    A transparent from sitting next to a translucent flower, carved of a single piece

  • Bashful Duck

    A transparent female Mandarin Duck

  • Tiny Duck

    Small, very lovely and delicate translucent female Mandarin Duck

  • Golden Duck

    A smaller mostly transparent female Mandarin Duck